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Writing My First Book

I took a break from blog posts to finish another writing project. A fantasy novel!

Attempting a full book was daunting, especially with a one-year-old in the house. But I knew I could do it if I carved out enough time and stayed consistent (and ignored my kid sometimes). Between volleyball and coaching and chasing Ketch around the house…or the park…or the neighborhood, I’d find time to write every day most days.

I became a morning person. I woke up and tip-toed to the living room to get an hour or so of writing in before the little monster woke up and started slamming my laptop shut.

And it worked! Almost a year later those stolen minutes add up to a 116,000-word novel. Written twice! (If I was a better writer who got it right the first time I could have written two books in that time).

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Haiku Battle

A friend and I are in the midsts of a Haiku Battle. We exchange poems like a hail of bullets in 5-7-5 barrages. Moves and countermoves, each building on the last. He mentions a park and then I’m writing about a carriage-horse and then we’re at an old abandoned carousel where the horses sit lifelessly…and then we’re writing about death.

I check the shared google document regularly to see if it’s my turn. At this stage, about a week in, we are at 32 combined haikus and looking back to the beginning we’ve both already improved. It’s fun writing such a condensed format with inherent constraints. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep it up–probably not long, but I like to imagine us in our 70s, finding a new Haiku submitted and sitting down in our sky-suites to compose our retaliation.

Here are some of my own favorites so far:

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